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Pure Water Systems, Inc.
Bob Vineyard


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PWS™ BEV Series home water purification appliances produce 100% pure, biocompatible drinking water.(Verified using the bioelectronic method of Vincent, or BEV. This is the same science used in Biological Terrain Analysis or BioCellular Analysis—derivatives of Prof. L.C. Vincent's original body of research determining the biocompatibility of drinking water.)Only the PWS™ BEV Series in-home water purification appliances are capable of completely removing each and every contaminant—producing 100% pure biocompatible drinking water.


The purity of our drinking water is as important as the nutritional content of the food we eat. Many contaminants in drinking water are strong allergenic substances and should not be allowed in any concentration. 100% elimination, not partial reduction, is essential.Fortunately, our drinking water is one area where we can exert complete control and eliminate all pollutants. This increases our ability to detoxify and remove accumulated toxins from our cells, greatly enhancing wellness and vitality.

Additional Notes

The PWS™ BEV-Series remove all contaminants including salts, nitrates, lead, arsenic, mercury, MTBE, pesticides, chlorine, fluoride, and disease causing waterborne microorganisms commonly found in tap, well, bottled, and many filtered waters. All that remains is pure, uncontaminated H20—two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen, zero parts anything else.-----PWS™ products are available direct from the manufacturer or from our growing international network of health care professionals. If you are a licensed health care practioner interested in distribution opportunities, please send an email to the address above and we will send you a free information packet.

Contact Pure Water Systems, Inc.

Phone: Toll Free 866.444.9926 Fax: 425.898.1706 

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